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Ratatouille Soup

Ratatouille Soup

Ratatouille Soup (So so GOOD!)

Ben thinks I should call this Ratatouille Italian'o Soup because of the tortellini. This is inspired from a soup recipe I had of my sisters a few years ago but since I could not find the recipe, I winged it like I love to do and it was a HUGE success, just as good as I remembered. The problem with soups is they often times leave me hungry... well not this soup, it is hearty and D-E-licious! Perfect fall or winter soup! 6 C Water 4-6 Beef Bouillon cubes 1 C apple juice 1 C cream 1 lb lean hamburger 1 lb sausage (or Jimmy Dean package) 1 tea garlic glove minced 1/2 C onion - minced 1/2 tea ground oregano 1 tea basil 1/2 tea pepper 1 tea seasoning salt 1 can crushed tomatoes 1 C carrots - thinly sliced 1 C zucchini - thinly sliced 1 bell pepper - finely chopped 1/2 C fresh parsley - minced 2-3 C uncooked tortellini Brown the meat with onion and garlic, drain fat. While meat is browning prepare stock by adding all liquids and spices into stockpot/Crockpot and bring to a boil. I used my Cuisinart to do the vegetable slicing, it was SO fast and efficient. Add veggies to soup and once meat is throughly cooked add to soup. Let simmer on low. When you are almost ready to serve, boil tortellini until barely tender. Do not over boil the noodles especially if the soup might sit for a while as they will get too soggy and fall apart. Add tortellini to soup and gently stir. Serve warma nd garnish wiht fresh parmesan cheese. YUMMY!

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